How To Store Fresh White Truffles From Italy Or French And Italian Black Winter Truffles

May 13th, 2011 | by Editor 

Learn How To Preserve Freshness And Quality Of Fresh White Truffles From Alba or Black Winter Truffles From France or Italy

Truffles grow, live, and ripen underground sheltered in a natural air-tight cocoon. As soon as they are dug up from the ground a gradual and inexorable decay begins that quickly strips away the potency of the delicacy. The most obvious cause for the quick deterioration is the obvious dispersion of the mixtures of volatile organic compounds present in the truffles. Also, contact with the heat of open air creates degrees of oxidation that alter the truffles’ molecules stripping them of flavor and aroma. Experienced truffle-hunters never clean the truffles they have just dug up from the ground. The dirt covering the newly found truffles creates a protective layer that delays spoilage. By following scrupulously the storing method reported here below it is possible to further delay spoilage making the truffles potency last up to 6-7 days (assuming the truffles were dug up from the ground not later than 72 hours before initial storage).

Proper Ways To Store Fresh White Truffles From Italy or French And Italian Black Winter Truffles

• Keep soil covered truffles as they are. Do not clean.

• Wrap individual truffles with a clean absorbent paper towel.

• Place the paper-wrapped truffles inside an air-tight glass jar. It’s possible to use an air-tight plastic container, or even a zip-lock bag. However, a glass jar is first and best choice.

• Put the air-tight glass jar or other container inside the refrigerator, possibly in the lower vegetable drawer.

• Every 24 hours unwrap the truffles, throw away the old used paper towel, and again tightly wrap each one of the truffles with a new fresh paper towel. Reseal the container and put it back inside the refrigerator.

Testing The Wellness Of The Truffles

After a number of days it’s a good idea to gauge the condition of the truffles. Unwrap the truffles and hold each one of them in your palm. Close your fist tight and reopen. If the truffle is about to go bad it will stick lightly to your palm and feel somewhat humid and gluey to the touch. In such a case utilize the truffle right away. Note that an intense gluey feeling to the touch means that the truffle is behind redemption.


The air-tight container serves a dual purpose. First it insulates the truffle from exposure to open air. Secondly it eliminates the risk of having other items in the refrigerator absorb the scent of truffles. The scent of Truffles is potent enough to penetrate even a carton of milk, orange juice, butter, cheeses, etc.

Do not store fresh truffles together with rice unless you purposely intend to flavor the rice for some specific recipe. Rice is a magnet. If placed in the vicinity of truffles most certainly will suck dry the truffles aroma and flavor (because of its absorbing qualities often rice grains are placed inside salt-shakers to dry the humidity of the salt that impedes the free flow from the shaker).

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