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Food Short Story: The Ball Of The Vegetables By Margaret Winship Eytinge

More in Food Literature June 13th, 2012 | by Editor 

"I Hear that the flower fairies, the dew fairies, the insect tribe, and all the wee folk are having splendid times this summer. I'm going to speak to his Majesty, and see if we Vegetable people can't have a ball or concert, or something of that sort. One might as well be 'out of the world as out of the fashion,' " said Queen Squash, one very warm summer afternoon, as she fanned herself with a burdock-leaf. And immediately the plump young princes and princesses danced, or rolled about rather, in the ...

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Aesthetics Of Gastronomy By John Gouley

More in Food Blog April 16th, 2012 | by Editor 

"Les animaux se repaissent; l'homme mange; l'homme d'esprit seul sait manger." The beasts feed; man eats; the wise man alone knows how to eat. Such nice distinctions pertain essentially to the aesthetics of gastronomy. All deipnophilists1 know that repaître signifies to take nourishment, to feed, to eat. Therefore to feed, which is synonymous with to eat, may strictly be applied to the act of eating whether in the case of lower animals or of human beings. But in gastronomy the distinction between feeding and eating is admitted as justifiable. Surely the manner of feeding ...

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